SMASH BALL is THE intergalactic sport !

It drives crowds insane, it creates legends and makes sponsors incredibly rich !

It’s a universal game, played everywhere in the galaxy by any kind of species able to hold a ball and understand the rules, or almost…

In Universal Smashers, you embody a Smasher during a game where 2 teams of 7 players fight to win. You score if you take the ball to the end zone or throw it through the airborne rings.

Smashers come from all kinds of living species in the universe. They master their natural talents extremely well.

They are classified in 5 different categories depending on these natural abilities, their behaviours and their special techniques.



Fast but fragile, the Runner’s role is to hold the ball and score smashes.
His main skills are his ability to dodge and his sprinting capacity.
His attacking capacity becomes weaker in case of direct fight, so he will often prefer running away or going around the obstacles when possible.


The master of the game in the air thanks to his amazing jumps ! He sees the field like no other and is great at circulating the ball.
Most of his actions are done in the air, like diving down on his opponents or propeling himself in the air after a first jump.


The sniper of Universal Smashers. Thanks to his powerful long-range weapons he’s in charge of taking members of the other team out of the game.
He can compensate his relative vulnerability by his ability to become invisible, allowing him to escape his enemies of safely find the best spots to shoot. He can also ambush the ball holder thanks to immobilizing traps.


Powerful and strong, the bruiser is brutal. He’s at the forefront of the team. He only fights hand-to-hand with his destructive punches. He can kill an opponent or make him loose the ball in no time, using his special charge to reach him fast. He can also boost his team in a specific zone by using a technological module.


Defending his team mates against the opponents, he’s the bastion of his team.
The Defender is a giant. His huge amount of hit points and his shield make him nearly impossible to kill. He can get rid of his shield to act like a wall to protect his team and block the enemies.
He only fights hand-to-hand and can punch his opponents hard to stop them.

However, a great Smashers team wouldn’t perform at its best without its strategic conductor in the shadow, the Universal Coach !
Coaches manage their teams and support them during the games. Unfortunately, the Universal League does not allow us to reveal more at this stage…


A smasher who holds the ball cannot attack his opponents at the same time, but certain types of players can still use some of their skills while doing so, i.e. the runner can still dodge and sprint.
The end zone is called the Smash Zone and if you get there with the ball you Smash!
If smashing is too difficult, an alternative is to throw the ball into the airborne rings that levitate above the Smash Zone.
A game ends after 20 minutes or when one of the teams has reached a score of 750 points.


At the end of the game, a winning or losing screen appears with the game stats, the awarding of the experience points, the Bloody Points and the player ratings.
At this stage, you will be able to add your team mates to your friends list.


The acquired experience allows you to achieve higher Manager levels.
The levels are unlimited. You get 1 Sponsor point per level until level 40. You can spend these in sponsoring contracts that will allow you to enhance some attributes of your Smashers during the games.
The Bloody Points allow you to buy new smashers or buy equipment that can be used to customize and improve the Smashers’ basic competencies.